Friday, 3 October 2014

First Classes

Hi Mummys and Daddys,

So we have had our first classes this week. They went really well, the children were very enthusiastic and had a great time.

Here is what we did in the classes:

Introduced the "basics" to the children; hello, goodbye, please and thank you.

Started work on the primary colours; red, blue and yellow. Within that we played a game where the children had to stand up, walk to and touch a red, blue or yellow cone as instructed. Then we made a sheet of stickers using the 3 colours.

The class mascot, Winnie the Poo was introduced to the children, each giving him a kiss and cuddle.

Finally we started to learn numbers 1-5.

We will continue with the work we have started and add in more topics gradually.

Please feel free to practice these things at home, in particular please and thank you.

See you all soon,